Monday, April 10, 2017

H - Half-Hearted #AtoZChallenge

"Did you take the tablets?"

"Um. em..No."

"Are you kidding me!? Do you want to keep doing this forever? Why cant you do the bare minimum? "

"Aww. C'mon. I want much as you do..."

Raised eyebrows.

"Did you check your temperature?"


"Did you log the symptoms? I can't believe you! Do you want to go through that torture again?"

"I don't knowwww! I don't feel ready yettt. I know you feel the same too. And you don't even have to go through anything. I have to give up everything I like doing...I am not ready for this phase yet.. I dont knoww...Every month, I suppress my deepest fear --- what if the wriggly little thing made it this time?"

"Look, I understand, but we cannot let this go on forever. Things will only get complicated. Lets just decide. Do you wanna be, or not?"

Thank you for dropping by :) The theme of my posts this year, for the A-Z challenge, is To Show, Not Tell. I hope you enjoyed this piece.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

G - Grouchy #AtoZChallenge

It was evening and Raghu saw Mariamma sitting at the porch as usual. The frown was in its usual place too. He wondered what she had to say this time.

“Hey, you kids. Don’t you dare let the ball come near me. I will swallow you whole even if your shadow falls on my wall.”

Mariamma was frail and alone. Yet her almost toothless snarl was menacing nonetheless.

Raghu and his friends hesitated before going on with their game. Nothing would make the old woman stop anyway.

“Look at you, ignoring a grown woman. Haven’t your parents taught any manners?
How would they anyway, you are always on the roads, hanging out with chillar friends. Cough! Cough! Don’t you have any homework to do?”

Mariamma continued, shoving her wooden cane in the air to no one in particular. “What has happened to this country. Nobody cares. Everybody is a thief. The damn neighbours steal my electricity. No wonder I get such huge bills. And my son is too busy making his dumb wife happy. M**&$f**&@. ”

The tirade didn’t stop. “The government is to be blamed. Rascals. Corrupts. Thieves. They should go to hell! Why doesn’t anybody care!? Wait till you ..hey, hey.. didn’t you hear me? Not even a shad…” Mariamma stopped wobbling her finger at the round eyes that was staring at her. Seeing her face slacken a bit, 4-year-old Raghu mustered a tiny smile and took a step closer.

“What do you want?” Mariamma almost barked.

Raghu dug into his pockets, fishing out oil covered paper pouch. Opening it, he extended the onion pakoras his mom made for him.

“Do you want these? My mom made for me.”

The wrinkled face warmed up. Sniffing, she said softly, “Do see any teeth in here?”

 "Swallow, like you would have swallowed us".

Both erupted into unexpected laughter.

Thank you for dropping by :) The theme of my posts this year, for the A-Z challenge, is To Show, Not Tell. I hope you enjoyed this piece.

Friday, April 7, 2017

F - Fall #AtoZChallenge

Rustle of dry leaves

beautiful but dead.

The vigor of flaming trees

Yellow and red.

The chill in crisp air

Patches of pumpkin spread.

The warmth of coffee mugs

comfort of a cozy bed.

Smell of old sweaters

tucking words unsaid.


Thank you for dropping by :) The theme of my posts this year, for the A-Z challenge, is To Show, Not Tell. I hope you enjoyed this piece.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

E - Elated #AtoZChallenge

"Three more days to go, right mummy?"

"Yes dear. Now close your eyes. When you wake up tomorrow, it will only be two days."

"Yay! I cant wait!"


"They are going to stay for how many days mummy?"

"Seven days dear."

"Seven days!!! That is more, right mummy!!??"

"Yes, that is a lot. Now off you go and drink your milk."

"Just one day left, right ?!! They are coming tomorrow, right mummy??!!"


"Are they coming at night??"

"Hmmm. Yes."

"Can I wait up? I don't want to be asleep when they come. Please mummy?"

"Okay. Now zip your mouth, and finish your milk. No more questions. Mummy is busy."


"Sashiiii, mummy said the flight landed!! Lets go down!!"

"Harshaaaa, it will be an hour before they arrive here. Don't be silly!! "

"Okay. I will keep a watch at the window. "


A car pulled into their drive-way.

There was a squeal followed by thundering footsteps.

"Hiiiii my pumpkin!!!"

"Chinna mamaaaa!! Athaaa!! "

"You smell the same, athaaaaa", Harsha declared, as we melted into each others' embrace.

PS: Athaa is aunt and mama is uncle in Indian language

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D - Desire #AtoZChallenge

She slowed down as his husky voice drifted through the air and fell on her parched ears. Heart racing, she tip toed towards him, smoothing her dress at her curvaceous hips, a slight provocative air in her gait.

She saw him, animatedly talking over phone. His fresh hair cut gave him a crisp look, making her go weak in the knees. She didn't have the courage to look into his dreamy eyes, for she knew it would need every ounce of her energy to break her gaze, She fixed her eyes on his lips instead. She never knew she could feel this way and it was making her go crazy. Oh, how could she let him do this to her. He was not even that handsome. She wondered if it was his intelligence or his humor that drew her towards him. Whatever it was, her proximity to him every day was proving to be too dangerous for her sanity. 

She walked past him, as if she didn't care, but every cell of her body was listening to him. He had the kind of vocabulary that turned people on, and she could hear him speak for hours. She slowed down a bit, breathing a little lightly, anticipating that his eyes were following her.

She wondered how it would be to hold his hands. To caress them. To feel them on her body. The very thought sent a hurricane of emotions down her spine. Sigh. If only he knew. But she could never tell him. Not in this lifetime. 

She could never betray Natasha.

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